If you are unsure about how or what you can store in regards to LPG gas, here is some links and information that may be useful to you.

Remember our storage cages can also be made bespoke to your requirements including fire walls, wall mounts and High Security.

Usual gas Bottle Dimensions

Butane: 4.5kg 340mm 240mm
Butane: 6kg BBQ Gas 314mm 306mm
Butane: 7kg 495mm 256mm
Butane: 15kg 580mm 318mm
Propane: 3.9kg 340mm 240mm
Propane: 5kg Patio Gas® 314mm 306mm
Propane: 6kg 495mm 256mm
Propane: 10kg (BP Gas Light) 587mm 305mm
Propane: 13kg Patio Gas 580mm 315mm
Propane: 13kg 580mm 315mm
Propane: 19kg 800mm 315mm
Propane: 47kg 1290mm 375mm

Official HSE Guidance


HSE Gas Safety Adviceline 0800 300 363.

Storage advice from Calor one of the largest suppliers LPG in the UK



Code of practice publications from UKLPG the trade association for LPG in the UK


Relevant publications

Code of practice 7 Storage of full and empty LPG cylinders and cartridges

Code of Practice No.24 Part 6 ‘Use of Propane in Cylinders at Commercial and Industrial premises’.

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